A Conversation about Historical Racism

with Lisa Lackey

 Transformation is confrontative. Whether we're doing healing work inside changing old patterns...or engaging in societal and cultural change.

Today in the U.S. we are confronted with transformation on both fronts...vertically inside our own system...and horizontally in relationships with our world.

Watching the videos of Mr. Floyd dying on the streets at the hands of those sworn to protect is horrifying. Let it mobilize you.

Protest is designed to show the path through. In fighting against something we are also asking for the doorway to something new to open.

Let the struggle, the pain galvanize you.

Even when we don't know what the next step is, our outrage can be transformative fuel.

Now it's time to listen and be with Lisa Lackey who is a therapist outside of Chicago who I interviewed today via Facebook Live. Her heart and passion for healing were immediately present when I first met her...it flows into her work with those she serves as a psychotherapist. She's here today to talk with us about her experience of historical racism.  Click on the image above to watch the interview.

Lisa, Jack & I are putting our heads together to create a Safely Embodied virtual "town hall" which we'll be holding soon. Keep your eyes out for an email from us.

Sending Goodness,


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