Betrayal Trauma

Our treatment offers individual, group, and intensive counseling for betrayal trauma. Working from a trauma-based model rather than a co-dependency model, this program gives the partner the valuable time and space to focus on healing from the trauma caused by intimate betrayal and sexual addiction. 

Partners Betrayal Trauma Intensive

Trauma Workshop

Trauma workshops take place over two days and are conducted with  groups healing from betrayal trauma. This educational and experiential workshop is based on an eclectic group of modalities that help to validate, provide understanding and support as you heal from the inside out. You will gain extensive knowledge and insight related to the impact of trauma and the symptoms that show up in your life. Alongside this education you are given practical interventions to decrease the discomfort and ultimately heal those symptoms that are impacting so many areas of your life. We will familiarize you with how betrayal trauma shows up mentally, physically, spiritually and relationally. Omar Minwalla’s 13 Dimensions of Sex Addiction Induced Trauma will finally give you a name and clear descriptions of what you have been experiencing, empowering you with options for healing.


Each member will leave with a customized empowerment plan that shows the trauma’s unique imprint on the brain and relationships as well as the new neural pathway to resolve the trauma and improve wellness and intimacy.

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