Are You Playing The Comparison Game? 5 Ways To Know If You Are

September 6, 2018


Have you ever participated in the Comparison Game? I am pretty sure at some time or another, we have all participated in this game. Some have even judged their value or the value of others based on superficial criteria. Back in the day, this was called "keeping up with the Jones'".  If a neighbor got a new car, another person may judge their car as not good enough, in comparison to the Jones' new car. To go further, the person with the older car may also believe that they are not good enough. This judgement can lead to other distortions. Maybe, going out to purchase a car that is not affordable, avoiding the Jones family all together, making up stories about the Jones family to feel better.

Now, the Comparison Game has leveled up and grown tentacles across social media. We can scope "neighborhoods" throughout the world and spend hours playing this game, losing our sense of time and self.  We browse and even stalk social media in a voyeuristic way looking at the chosen images, through filters, red eye elimination and blemish free fix-it apps, and