7 Kick A_ _ Tips To Start Over, Anytime Of The Day

April 7, 2018


If specific types of challenges tend to “unravel” you, or you often feel (F.I.N.E.) frustrated, insecure, neurotic,  or emotionally drained, there may be some gaps in your resilience strategies. We found some traits of emotionally resilient people, learning them is a great way of starting your day over at anytime. You have what it takes to lift the gloomiest part of your day, chill out and increase your calm quotient. These 7 tips will add quality and years to your life.



Practice the art of self-care. Discover your personal needs are and provide them for yourself.  



Practice compassion.  Everyone deserves respect, good will and love ― including others who may not be handling situations in ways that you would prefer. Judgment and condemnation do not contribute to nurturing resilience. 



Life isn’t perfect, practice acceptance. Instead of resisting what is happening, accept circumstances you can’t change and expect that things will get better.


Ask for help. Sometimes the best way to get through a challenge is to enlist the help of friends, family or colleagues.  



Know when to listen, when it’s time to be supportive, and when to allow space. These are also judgment calls.