Peace Through Service

There is a place deep within, that when cultivated and nourished with the nutrients of meditation, prayer, forgiveness and love that cannot be shaken. This is a no trespass zone within, that life has difficulty tampering with. This place within is deeply rooted in God. This source, a greater power, higher power has offered a space within of steady grounding when life around me has felt so shaky. This unshakeable space has offered me comfort, when I'm restless, irritable, irritating and discontent. This space has also provided the option to celebrate accomplishments and extraordinary challenging terrain, because deep within, I know that this (whatever this is) shall pass and when "this" passes whether it's in the good column, bad column or somewhere in between, there's always a gift that is revealed. That gift, always amazingly attaches to that deep place within me and adds to my belief that somehow, everything is recycled and finds expression in service to others and God. I am glad to be of service!

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