AFGO (Another Freakin’ Growth Opportunity)

There are times when life takes twists & turns that lead us to a place we didn’t expect or desire… at least on the surface. It’s like driving on ice & the car feels as though it is losing control. We’re sliding in a direction we’re resisting because of what appears like imminent danger. We desperately grip the steering wheel & steer opposite the direction we’re sliding in only to find ourselves sliding more and more out of control.

In driver’s education, we’re told to look with our eyes where we want the car to go and turn our wheels in the direction that the rear of the car is sliding.

Turn INTO the slide.

I find that when I become overwhelmed, mostly by my own doing, I take the wheel, unaware of the tools that have been given to me through the years, & begin to move in the opposite direction of well-being. When in this place, the dizzying affect, lands me in a trance that affords the temporary “relief” of unconsciousness. These are the times when I become too busy for the spiritual practice of just noticing the miraculous indications that Spring has arrived. These are the times when I eat a meal & have no idea of the taste of what I’ve just eaten. These are the times when life is moving around me & I’m only aware of the smallness of my concerns. These are the times that I sleepwalk through different experiences & miss the multiple opportunities to connect with Higher Power, people I deeply love & myself. These are the times where my vision is skewed & I do not recognize, that if I step back, relax and loosen my grip on the anxiety, distractions, fears & need to control I’ll find myself on course; moreover, I’ll understand, once again, that there is a greater power that somehow keeps hold of the master plan for my life, even when I’ve forgotten.

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