• Friday
    Insideout Living
    Disclosure Preparation Workshop
    This workshop gives a detailed overview of the disclosure process, psychoeducation about betrayal trauma and the impact on the victim, understanding empathy versus shame as a necessity for addict´s readiness to share disclosure.
  • Monday & Wednesday
    Insideout Living
    Sexual Recovery Group Intensive (Men only)
    The healing journey for a client recovering from sexual addiction can include participation in a specialized group counseling experience called an “intensive” which is led by a certified sex addiction therapist and a licensed counselor.
  • Thu, Mar 22
    Insideout Living
    Sexual Addiction-Trauma Couples Intensive: Part 1
    The group is a blend of psychoeducation about the neuroscience and attachment theory models and experiential exercises that help couples identify each partner’s attachment style, read body language and arousal states, and manage trigger and trauma responses.
  • Sat, Mar 17
    Insideout Living
    Sexual Addiction-Trauma Couples Intensive: Part 2
    Must complete Part 1. This group is a blend of psychoeducation about the connection among attachment style, nervous system state, and protective behaviors used to manage stress and experiential exercises which shift old behaviors that create distance to new behaviors that promote intimacy.
  • Fri, Mar 02
    Two-Day Event at Insideout Living
    Partners Betrayal Trauma Intensive (March)
    This program gives the partner the valuable time and space to focus on healing from the trauma caused by intimate betrayal and sexual addiction.

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