Trauma Counseling

Trauma counseling at Insideout Living helps clients understand what happens to the mind, brain, and relationships during traumas or unresolved events. The treatment helps the client identify present-day “triggers” or reminders of unresolved events that live in the body as a set of physiological sensations that are often stored outside of awareness. When triggered, the client is transported back to the time of the unresolved event and feels disempowered all over again.

During the process of identifying a trigger to an earlier trauma, the client’s attachment style and nervous system state are explored to help determine which protective behaviors are used during periods of significant stress. Next, new, more empowering behaviors are introduced that can help the client resolve the trigger in an empowering manner. Finally, we help the client identify how resolving the trigger creates growth for the mind, body, spirit, and relationships.

Treatment Phase 1: Trauma Workshop

Trauma workshops take place over two days and are conducted with large groups for all types of trauma. This educational and experiential workshop is based on an eclectic group of modalities and includes Cynthia Yesko’s Nine Steps to the Other Side of Triggered™ Curriculum as well as Family Systems Therapy to explore the impact of trauma within the family system. It also expands on Omar Minwalla’s 13 Dimensions of Sex Addiction Induced Trauma.

Each member will leave with a customized Empowerment Map© that shows the trauma’s unique imprint on the brain and relationships as well as the new neural pathway to resolve the trauma and improve wellness and intimacy.

Treatment Phase 2: Individual & Couples Counseling

Individual counseling sessions effectively deal with issues that are personally relevant to the client in a private and safe setting. Clients will learn about the spiritual, emotional, and neurochemical basis for ineffective patterns related to trauma and emotional challenges.

Treatment Phase 3: Group Counseling

Groups provide a safe place for clients to increase self-esteem, receive encouragement, practice boundaries, and discover and speak their truth while working to replace unhealthy behavior patterns with healthy patterns. Counseling takes place in a supportive environment, surrounded by others who struggle with similar issues related to trauma. Through an experiential group process, participants build trust as they work through various challenges together.

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